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Dr. Leeat Granek



Leeat Granek, PhD

York University

School of Health Policy and Management

4700 Keele Street

M3J 1P3

Toronto, Ontario


My name is Leeat Granek and I am a critical health psychologist who is passionate about research.

My research projects sit at the unique intersection of health psychology (specifically, the health and well-being of healthcare professionals, psycho-oncology and women’s health) and the history and theory of psychological diagnoses and practices.


The focus of my research program is to examine the psychological and social determinants of health, and the social processes that have an impact on relationships between health, culture, and gender. The goal is to use this understanding to improve health outcomes and quality of life, particularly in cancer patients and their families, healthcare professionals, and those who suffer from chronic illness or are mourning.

I started working in the field of psycho-oncology and became interested in  health and illness because my mother was diagnosed with cancer when I was a child and died from the disease nearly twenty years later.

As a person touched by cancer and as a  researcher, I became interested in how patients, families, and their healthcare workers cope with the challenges of the disease. I also became interested in the grief process and how people cope with and understand loss.



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